“If you have been given the favor, the acknowledgment of being in a position of privilege — whether that be from the color of your skin, your education, or your gifts and natural skills — you have the opportunity to place, create, and give your value and shift attention to something, or someone, notable and inspirational.” — Christina Lydia, Chief Editor

What does it mean to give something — or someone — value? When we give our attention to narratives that vary from our own, we expand our own perspectives and worldviews. The Black Lion Journal aims to expand our shared narratives of experience by recognizing and giving value to our greatest resource — each other.

By creating, placing, and giving value to someone or something, you give yourself the opportunity to reinterpreting traditional molds of authenticity and legitimacy; to create inclusion not by an effort to combine everything into a melting pot, but by accepting diversity in all of its shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. You have the opportunity to dismantle boundaries that exclude and discriminate based on one’s sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity/nationality, age, class, ability, or economic status.

The Black Lion Journal places value on you — who you are, where you come from, and what you love to do. It’s home to The Wire’s Dream Magazine, the creative extension of The Black Lion Journal’s mission.


We Believe in Culture, History, and in the Lived Experience
We Believe in Diversity and Inclusivity
We Believe in Sharing Voices of Marginalized and Oppressed Individuals
We Believe in Reinterpreting Traditional Molds of Authenticity and Legitimacy
We Believe in Honoring Underrepresented and Differing World Views
We Believe in Recognizing Underrepresented and Differing Truths and Realities
We Believe in Creating a Standard of Journal Ethics

*Please consider that all published work must adhere to The Black Lion Journal’s Credo. With this in mind, politics that are explicitly construed as openly offensive, violent, sexist, racist, hateful, and/or hurtful to any person(s) or group(s) will not be tolerated.

NOTE: TBL Journal reserves the right at any given time to adapt in any shape or form, online or in print, its design, structure, style, and format of its website, presentation, and article composition.